Diane Michaud

Certified Bowen Health Therapist, Chair Massage Practitioner, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage with over 20 years of experience in relaxation and selfcare therapy. 


Diane is an expert at helping you relax, de-stress and help you unlock the many ways you can balance your body back to health, naturally.

Bowen therapy is an effective protocol to reboot your body to health naturally by tapping into your body’s intelligence through the nervous systems. Having a healthy parasympathetic state is the ultimate way to be. 

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Pauline Farquhar

Pauline, the Director of Clear Vision Hypnosis, offers hypnosis
programs for clients who want to achieve weight loss, stop smoking
habits, improve self-confidence and improve their sports & academic
performance, serving clients in Georgetown, ON and other surrounding

Pauline is certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists and is an
active member of the Master Hypnotist Society. She was trained using the
MHS system, which has helped tens of thousands of people improve their
lives and reach their goals.


Clear Vision Hypnosis offers programs for people who seek help through
hypnosis for stress management, pain management, relationship
counselling, and letting go of fears or fighting phobias.



Dr Norm Goldberg MD

Botox & Fillers

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Botox is a protein found in nature which has been refined, manufactured and purified in a laboratory. It has a unique effect of relaxing muscles. Over the year’s typical facial lines such as frown lines, crow’s feet etc. appear and become deeper over time. Relaxing the muscles make the lines disappear, this procedure takes about 15 minutes per area and the effects are visible within 3-4 days with results lasting up 4 months.

All medical aesthetics produced are performed by Dr. Norman Goldberg.

Dr. Norman Goldberg is a family physician on staff at the William Osler Health Centre in Brampton. In 2002 he developed a keen interest in medical aesthetics and began extensive training in this diverse field, including Laser Technology, Botox & Fillers. Over the years, his esthetic practice, Goldberg Medical Esthetics has grown significantly, with busy esthetic practices in Brampton, Georgetown, Mississauga  and Collingwood. He has successfully completed a voluntary audit of his esthetic practice through the college of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, achieving a standard of care in this field as recognized by this strict government body.

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Aida Gonzalez is a Certified Medical Laser Technician/ Medical Aesthetician, receiving her diploma from Looks Aesthetic Academy. She is committed to providing exceptional treatments with the most up-to-date technologies. Her passion is to provide an excellent service to help you achieve your skin and body care goals.

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Aida Gonzalez