Cherry Blossom Pedicure

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea, relaxing music, tranquil atmosphere with a distressing eye mask, while you soak your tootsies in our signature foot soak with heavenly scents of aromatherapy oils. Calluses removed, toenails tried and filed, cuticles cared for, softening mask and revitalizing Hot Stone Massage on feet and calves. 


Complimentary Grounding Ritual: "The Healing Spoon" 

One of the reason she feel tired and disconnected is that energy is not flowing freely into, through and out of our body. We need to re-establish our connection with the Earth and this is one way to do it!

85 Minute Treatment


Healing Spa Pedicure

Experience a soothing foot soak with aromatherapy oils & relaxing bath salts for tired, achy, swollen feet. We remove dry skin & calluses then toe nails are trimmed, filed and your cuticles cared for. A foot & calf massage using hot stones and "reflexology inspired" techniques will leave your feet nourished and your body balanced next polish is applied.

60 Minute Treatment

Please be advised we do not apply Gelerations to toenails.


New add on for Healing Spa Pedicures

"Collagen Fleece Mask" $28.00

No extra time required.


Diabetic Pedicure

The difference between a regular pedicure to a diabetic pedicure is that a diabetic may have circulatory problems which result in a loss of sensation to the feet, or highly sensitive skin. Plus, because of the circulation problems, sometimes the skin of a diabetic's feet can be dry, fine and flaky. Treat your feet to a gentle pedicure that will have you relaxed, while also energizing your feet and getting them into smoother shape. With extra gentle care, this is an activity that you can enjoy and look forward to. Who doesn't like to be pampered

60 minute Treatment


Cherry Blossom Manicure

A luxurious "facial" for your hands. 

The royal treatment includes a cup of herbal tea, relaxing music, tranquil atmosphere with a destressing eye mask.

Hydrate and soothe gardening or overworked hands with our products that are rich in butters, vitamins and oils. Includes a moisturizing hand mask and Hot Stone Massage over hands and arms.

60 Minute Treatment


Healing Spa Manicure

Your nails are shaped, cuticles are cared for, hands and arms massaged with our exclusive "reflexology inspired" techniques and hot stone massage, followed with polish application.

No extra charge for french polish.

45 Minute Treatment


Benefits of Pedicures:
Keeps your nails looking trimmed, calluses controlled and skin moisturized

Foot massage helps relieve tension and stimulate circulation

Decreases chances of infection

Enhances nail health

Exfoliates feet

Groomed hands & feet are a reflection of your inner health and beauty. Our manicures & pedicures include a reflexology inspired massage, reflexology is an effective method to bring our body into balance by applying pressure to specific areas on our feet and hands. Various parts of the hands & feet correspond with organs throught our entire body telling a story of emotional and physical well being. 
We use and recommend "7 Chemical FREE" polish.

Please Note: We Use Disposable Pedi Soaks, Files And Foot Files For Your Safety. 

Regular Pedicures Can Help Avoid Foot Problems And Complications Before They Happen.