Hair Removal

Tips for Hair Removal:

-Exfoliate before waxing and during re-growth period to prevent ingrown hairs. 

-Wax 3 to 5 weeks then your hair will be the ideal length, it must be 1/4" long for best results.

-Perspiration clogs pores, don't work out immediately after waxing.

-Do not use a tanning bed or sun tan after a waxing treatment.

-Avoid hot tubs immediately afterwards as bacteria can cause inflammation.

-Don't use any perfumed body or bath products after waxing.

-Please advise us if you are on ANY medication, especially for acne.


Please note: Waxed area will be sensitive afterwards. 

Wear loose fitting clothing and underwear to your waxing appointment, to allow

your skin to breathe and return to it’s normal PH level. 

Bikini Line Waxing 

 The bikini is around the panty line & includes the inner thigh area. 


Treatment $25

French Bikini Waxing

The French Bikini is approximately two inches inside the panty line

& includes the inner thigh area. 


Treatment $35

Brazilian Bikini Waxing

The Brazilian is inside the panty line and inner thigh, removing hair on the labia and on the buttocks. Removing hair from the pelvic area is optional, most women prefer it to be completely bare or some prefer to leave a small strip of hair.


Treatment  $55

Lip Waxing


Treatment  $9

Chin Waxing

Treatment $10

Sides Of Face Waxing

   Treatment  $20+

Half Leg Waxing


Half Leg Upper or Lower Treatment  $35     

Full Leg Waxing

Full Leg Treatment  $65

Feet And Toes Waxing

Treatment $15

Arm Waxing


Half Arm Treatment $25


Full Arm Treatment  $40


Under Arm Treatment  $22

Fingers And Hands Waxing

Treatment  $10

Female Stomach And Small Of The Back Waxing

Stomach Treatment  $20


Small Of The Back Treatment  $20

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