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Thermography is a simple test of physiology that relies on the

sympathetic nerve control of skin blood flow and the ability of the sympathetic nervous system to respond to and react to pain, pathology,

injury or dysfunction anywhere in the body.  Tests such as ultrasound,

x-ray and mammography show the body’s structure or anatomy

looking for structural changes such as tumours… but the majority of

health problems do not come in the form of tumours and even

tumours often have a signature pre-development phase.


Just as thermography, these tests are non-diagnostic as they require corroboration of findings which identify possible abnormalities.  The

unique contribution of thermography is that it shows physiological and metabolic processes… that is, thermography looks at how the body

is functioning and helps to identify what is stressing the body.


Thermography is an additional procedure that your health practitioner

may use along with other tests to evaluate your health. By using the 

most advanced infra-red cameras images capture & analytical software 

can accurately measure the temperature at every single point of the

human body. The role of body temperature as a very good indicator of

health and wellness has been known since the time of Hippocrates, as

changes of just a few degrees on skin (cutaneous or superficial) can be

used as an indicator of inflammation and possible illness. 


Thermography can see your body asking for extra help, Thermography

is a “Health Discovery Tool” and we consider it to be a very important

part of a preventive wellness program. By accurately measuring

temperature regions and identifying thermographic patterns,

thermography detects inflammation, often long before symptoms

may be felt or eventually diagnosed with an actual disease.

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