Teen Spa

For our teen clientele 17 years old or younger only.

Please note - Teen discount is available on Thursday's only.

NEW Hydraclear Teen Facial Treatment

Our new Hydraclear Facial will help restore balance, clarity and hydration
to oily/combination skin. Suitable for rough, oily, acenic-dehydrated skin types. 
1.25 Hour Treatment  $99 
Please remove all makeup & mascara before arriving to your appointment. 

Teen Pedicure 

Starting with an aromatherapy foot soak, toe nails are clipped and shaped, cuticle treatment, rough dry skin removal, followed by a foot and calf massage.

Topped off with the polish of your choice.

30 Minute Treatment    $35


Finger nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles cared for. Then a hand and arm massage with our tropical scents lotion. Polish of your choice applied.

30 Minute Treatment    $28

“Glitz and Glamour” Day At The Spa

Hydraclear Teen Facial Treatment, Teen Pedicure and Manicure 

Eyebrow Wax, Healthy Lunch 

2.5 Hour Treatment    $186

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows expertly shaped taking into consideration your facial features.

Waxing Treatment   $14.40

Brow Tint 

Your eyebrows need definition as they frame your face, bring out the colour of your eyes and highlight your bone structure.

Brow Treatment $13.50

Make-Up Lesson Or Application

Expert advice, tips and techniques on what make-up to choose and how to apply it. Learn the secrets of using complimentary colours for your skin tone, hair, eye & lip colouring. Highlight your own “natural” features & beauty.

Bring your make-up for your lesson so we can discuss & advise if it's right for you.

30 Minute Application      $40

 60 Minute Lesson      $60

Beauty Tips 

You are what you eat, so enjoy all the food groups in moderation. 

Sugar feeds acne so if you have acne prone skin refrain from all types of sugar and dairy products have also been linked to acne.  Supplements for your skin, hair, and nails could be necessary, Omega 3, zinc & vitamin A are recommended. Detox your body at least twice per year. Enjoy a glass of warm lemon water in the mornings to detox and don't forget to eat protein first thing in the morning to feel full all day.  Beauty starts from the inside!