Nourish Your Skin For Winter

Winter can be hard going for the skin.

Freezing winds and cold temperatures take their toll, but inside exposed to constant heat (which dries the skin out) is just as bad.

Tightness, itchiness and irritations! Sound familiar???

Richer products will help keep the skin nourished. Applying serums for hydration such as our Moisture Restore Hyaluronic Acid and E Serum, using cream base moisturizers instead of lighter lotions is recommended. Exfoliating will help remove dry skin and get the circulation going. It is important to choose the right formula for your skin type – Do Not use products too abrasive. Be careful not to over exfoliate as this can lead to sensitive, dry or excess oily skin. Our Nature's Nurture is a gentle Oatmeal exfoliant suitable for all skin types.

Night oils even just once a week will penetrate deeper than a moisturizer. Don’ worry it won’t make your skin greasy or trigger a breakout due to oils. Use a combination of quality oils such as grapeseed, rose hip, avocado or even in a pinch Ghee or olive oil is will do the trick. Try our Beauty Botanical Anti-Aging Oil for a beautiful aroma and skin benefits.

Cream masks that brighten, hydrate and encourage better circulation will help restore moisture and rid that dry feeling. I think it is better to nurture what you have. Even younger skins should practice a daily skin care routine – prevent, maintain and reverse. Reverse being the hardest step!

There are no miracle creams, you can only try to slow down the aging process. Have your skin professionally analyzed and use the correct products for your skin type right from the get go. Using wrong products is a waste of time not to mention MONEY. Call to schedule a complimentary skin analysis today.

Beware of winter sun. Sun care is just as important in the winter as summer. This should be a year round protection practice. Excess sun exposure can harm and prematurely age your skin and cause skin cancer. Physical sunscreens such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide like our Outdoor Botanical Protection will work to physically block the sun.

Eating a healthy diet full of skin-benefiting foods such as bone broth, miso, oranges, red cabbage and white fish to name a few, should be the first step. Along with exercise and a good skincare routine you will be more attractive than to try to reverse or erase the hands of time.

Drink plenty of water for essential hydration and to replenish the blood in its vital role of carrying nutrients and oxygen around the body. Warm water and lemon is a great way to kick-start the metabolism and rehydrate the skin.

Ages and stages of your skin prevent, maintain and reverse. Stay posted for our upcoming blog "If I knew then, what I know now"

Dorri L. Bland

Owner & Spa Director

185 Mountainview Road, North

Georgetown, ON L7G 3P9