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SunnaSmile Teeth Whitening


Get ready to shine with our new product!

Finding the perfect teeth whitening kit takes time,

so I did the work for you. Sunnasmile is an organic

teeth whitener that removes stains and plaque while

being enamel safe and sensitivity free.

Creates pearly whites and stunning smiles.

- Cleaning within the last 6 months. Will highten results but not necessary 
- Product will lighten 2-8 shades to original teeth colour 
- Can be used on crowns and bonding 
- 6 month. supply 
- The professional strength gel is a registered natural product 
- Comes with tray & LED light (attached for easy use) 
- 15 min. a day for 5 days to a whiter, brighter smile! -a more confident YOU

ONLY $129
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Natural Household Products for cleaning, disinfecting and laundry. Also there are many products for all your Natural Beauty needs. Set up your own account and shop away!

Pure Anada 


Award-Winning Hair & Skincare

Naturally Based & Vegan

Cruelty Free

Hair Quiz: No sulfates, parabens, and other icky add-ons. Monat infuses their line with naturally based, cruelty-free ingredients that help beautify your hair. 

Whether you're looking to pump up lifeless locks or maintain that fresh from the salon shine, Monat is the solution for the dry, curl, frizz and flyaway challenged! 

Skin Care Quiz: Driven by the vision to be the global leader in naturally based anti-aging innovation, Monat celebrates the individuality and confidence that goes with looking and feeling your best at any age! 


Nailed It Beauty is the exclusive distributer for Berenice Nail Products. All Berenice products are non-toxic, absolutely vegan and 12-free. 12-free meaning these polishes do not contain the 12 most harmful ingredients that are commonly found in most nail polishes. 

All polishes are $14.99

Nail Treatments $19.99

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Uniquely Pure

Smudge Bundle

$10 Savings + a free guide!

Smudge to your heart's content with Uniquely Pure's new Smudge Bundle:

• 1 Smudge Candle 

infused with Dragon's Blood Resin

 1 Smudge Wand 

choice of Cedar, Juniper, Sweet Grass or Cypress

• 1 Smudge Spray 

simply spray to cleanse the energy of your home 

• Guide: The Art of Smudging 

PDF format, free with purchase to get you started

$50 ($10 savings!)

tax included; shipping cost not included

Infused with Dragon's Blood Resin
Ingredients: Soya wax, Dragon’s Blood resin. Infused with fresh Cedar. Paraffin-free wick. Directions: For an even burn, light for 3 hours the first time. Cleanses impurities in the air of your home.

Seasonal, while quantities last
Ingredients: Pure Cedar, Juniper, Sweet Grass orCypress. Directions: Light wand in a shell or bowl & simply allow the smoke to shift the energy in the space. Allow to burn out on its own or press top of wand down in bowl to pat out.

50 ml
Ingredients: Distilled water, Perfumery alcohol, Black Spruce, Rosemary, Lemon, Helichrysum, Fennel, Black pepper, Juniper. No preservatives. Directions: Simply shake & spray to cleanse the energy of the home & sacred spaces within it, such as your bed or yoga space, bringing in the essence of nature.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Amazing magnetic lashes use the power of magnetic energy

to secure the lashes in place.  No more glue needed and

completely reusable. Eyelash Extensions can cost hundreds

of dollars to apply and every two weeks they need to be refilled

magnetic eyelash kit is a great alternative to save money and get the

same look and comfort as individual eyelashes.  

We are proudly vegan and 100% cruelty free.  Faux Mink eyelashes give the appearance of Beautiful silky hair.  

Your kit includes two sets of eyelashes that can be worn up to 20 times, your magnetic liquid liner and an eyelash applicator in a beautiful rose gold mirrored box. 

For $80 - to order please email

The Beauty Book

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