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Firefighters getting charged up by new wellness device

Collingwood firefighters have been testing a new device that uses a magnetic field to optimize the cells in their bodies. 

Source: Jan 27, 2019 

Collingwood’s Fire Department is the first in Canada to channel waves for wellness.

A roll-up mat laid out on a bed is the latest addition to the department wellness program.

The mat is called a Seqex, and it uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy to help the firefighters detox, relax, and heal when necessary.

The device comes from Health Wellness Industries in Collingwood, where the owner and president Kim Sartor has built a business selling and offering treatments in the Seqex system.

The technology uses a magnetic field generator, one field is static, one is alternating. When both work together, they create what’s called ion cyclotron resonance. The effect is increased oxygen flow and cells that are able to move more freely and absorb what they need to repair and restore the body.

“In Europe, they call it ‘electroceuticals,’” said Sartor. “In Canada and the US, we test a lot of things by electrical methods (like an electrocardiogram) … So we know there’s an electrical side to our body, but we mainly treat biochemical.”

Sartor first learned of Seqex while watching a video during a visit to the Science Centre in Toronto. At the time, Sartor was suffering from chronic issues including asthma. She was suffering further complications from long-term use of prednisone. She was looking for answers and another way to treat her chronic conditions. The founder of Seqex was in Italy, so she made the trip across the ocean to meet him and learn more.

She has been to Italy 17 times in the last three years, and worked with Seqex to get Health Canada approval. Now the Seqex is a Class 2 medical device, which means it can be used without a doctor administering it – similar to a sleep apnea machine.

The Seqex reduces inflammation and encourages circulation, those two actions help the body become more efficient at healing and restoring itself.

Sartor said she’s seen it used in public healthcare in Europe as part of an integrated approach to medicine, not an alternative. It doesn’t take the place of medical treatments, but it can be a helpful addition to treatments even those as intense as chemotherapy and radiation, said Sartor.

Deputy Fire Chief Dan Thurman said it’s a good addition to the department’s wellness program.

“We always pride ourselves on a really great wellness program,” said Thurman. “We want people to live long, healthy lives … firefighters have a lot of aches and pains and chronic issues.”

The Seqex has been added to an available gym and sauna at the Collingwood Fire Department, which is used for detoxification following a fire. Firefighters are exposed to chemicals and toxins when they fight fires.

Thurman said the Seqex is convenient, since it can be rolled up and put on a chair or bed anywhere.

“It provides immediate and safe treatments by simply removing your boots,” said Thurman, adding the treatment won’t take a firefighter out of action so it can be done on a lunch break during someone’s shift. He’s been using one at home to treat a knee trauma and said he’s noticed a speedier recovery than expected.

The Collingwood Fire Department has been using the Seqex machine since December.

Firefighter Chris King said it’s helped him sleep better, and he’s used the microcirculation mode to help detox.

“It’s not a magic mat,” said King. “It’s just helping your body do what it’s supposed to do.”

Sartor said the ion cyclotron resonance frees up cells and optimizes them.

She no longer needs a puffer for her asthma.

“What you’re doing is, when you spin the cells, you make them become more permeable, you allow them to become more active and optimized,” she said. “If they’re all stuck together with no movement and no circulation, they don’t do what they’re supposed to do.”

Firefighter Chris King shows the Collingwood Fire Department's Seqex device, which he and other staff in the department are using to help optimize their cells and support detoxification and muscle relaxation. Erika Engel/CollingwoodToday

ION Cyclotron Resonance Seqex Energy Healing

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we announce that SEQEX has been approved by  Health Canada as a Class II Medical Device.


Seqex devices support the work of healthcare providers during traditional courses of patient therapy. The system is based on the interaction between low frequency and low intensity electromagnetic fields. It is effective in promoting the reduction of inflammation, induce a muscle relaxant effect, and contributes to improving microcirculation. A unique feature of SEQEX devices is the possibility to customize electromagnetic treatment for individual patients.

40  Minute Treatment  $60

10 x 40  Minute Treatment  $500

30 Day Rental $675

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I was diagnosed approximately 
25 years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis. About 4 years ago I started having problems with my left knee and after being referred to an orthopaedic surgeon and x-rays. I was informed 
that I no longer had any cartilage left 
in my knee and it was bone on bone. Due to my age a knee replacement was 
not an option so I was given the option of having a cortisone injection. My 
knee is Osteo Arthritis, not 
Rheumatoid Arthritis I was not comfortable having a needle in my knee, so I have persevered and have been using lemon essential oils and Motion Medicine and my knee brace. Dorri Bland, the owner of Downtown Spa & Relaxation Centre, who I have known for many years, as well Dorri teaches an Active Living Program where I am employed. Dorri recently was in Italy where she was educated in new healing technique, Seqex. I was very fortunate to have Dorri ask me 
to try it and see if it helped with my knee. I did my first treatment yesterday, May 16, for 40 minutes 
and I was very surprised but last night 
I had no pain in either knee. 
I just finished a second treatment today, and am very anxious to see how I feel over the next two weeks. Thanks Dorri for letting me be a “guinea pig”.


I have been using the Seqex mat for 2 years now. It has certainly become a regular part of my day not just for me but for other family members as well.
I originally was seeking a solution for pain management, I have lower back issues, as well as, chronic knee pain from years of sports. The Seqex mattress has changed my life in this regard. I am pain free and drug free, I have never been a pill popper, so there is great peace of mind, that I can get relief without using pills that solve one problem but create others.
There have been other benefits contributing to my overall health as well. I had poor circulation in my feet prior to having the mat, this is almost non-existent now. I used to get cramps in my legs, I don’t any more. In general, I feel my overall health is better. I only need to stop using the mattress for a short period of time before old aches and pains start to return, so I know it’s the mattress. My wife reports the same benefits and my son’s acne clears when he’s using it. Thanks Seqex!

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