Pat Kennedy, RN, CTT

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Many people are uncomfortable when it comes to talking about breast CANCER ( or any cancer possibility), let alone your right to integrative medicine and informed choice. Prevention has to be the focus as breast cancer is preventable, breast screening is not working as was promised and we must support our right to integrative medicine in our country. She is not uncomfortable in sharing her experience, holistic training and passionately speaks about educating, inspiring and supporting our community on this vital learning curve.

In fact, her vision is for informed consent for everyone and the opportunity to respectfully partner with your physician of choice without judgement or fear!
For 45 years as an R.N., Patricia was accustomed to treating patients in a mainstream environment. But when she faced her own health crisis, traditional medicine was not enough and her journey into complementary forms of healing began over 30 years ago. As a busy mom with four children, she knew she had to find answers and change the way she was living. Now as a grandmother warrior of 6 beautifulgrandchildren, her vision to have women understand that they need to be proactive ,preventative and that they have a voice regarding their health is key .

As  the Owner of Thermography Mobiles Pats Way, and a certified Thermography Technician,she offers women and men, pain-free, zero radiation ,non-invasive technology that is a thermal assessment (showing physiological changes) both in Breast and Total Body imaging.
Patricia put her philosophies into practice providing options for optimal breast and cellular health. The Thermography Mobiles are now located over Ontario as well BC. Thermography Mobiles Pats Way , is an ongoing support, educational and networking touchstone for all women. The clinic has evolved into a resource centre for breast cancer prevention and breast health….. body, mind and spirit!
By taking charge of her health destiny, with respect for both natural and mainstream medicine, Patricia has exemplified healthy living. Her experience, network & assessment skills can assist in triaging you into the world of natural preventative medicine.
She is passionate about her journey to wellness and shares her experiences with others as an inspiring speaker, educator, and practitioner.
Tap into the ongoing education series “ Breast Health Workshops ”that she has created to bring the experts into local venues to share , demonstrate, educate and inspire you with integrative options for breast health! 

We are committed to assisting you in making an informed decision regarding your health!
Freedom To Choose, Freedom to Change!

Patricia Kennedy is a member of these professional organizations:
·       Canadian Nurses Association (CNO)
·       Complimentary Therapies Nurses Interest Group (CTNIG)
·       International Association for Clinical Thermography (IACT)
·       Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)
·      Breast health Workshops
·       EVE’s List