Introducing our Monthly Giveaway!

How to enter? 
Read your emails! Answer a few questions about content of the emails that we have sent out during the month. 

LIVE DRAW will be held the last Thursday of every month. When your name is drawn, we will spin the wheel to reveal your prize!




Thursday's at 12:30PM, 

IGTV Live (will be recorded for later viewing)

Available on YouTube @Downtown Spa & Relaxation Centre

Weekly Giveaways, Guest Speakers, Inspiring Information, Q & A, Direct Interaction and behind the scenes treatment and product demonstrations! 


A refreshing Chit Chat to help gain knowledge, education and new perspectives on women's topics and challenges.


Your host will be -- Dorri Bland, owner of the Downtown Spa and Relaxation Centre. With over 30 years' experience in the Beauty and Spa Industry, Dorri brings her expertise in beauty treatments, products, and wellness therapies. Dorri's believes and has always believed in  "Beauty from the Inside Out". Our goal is to share our knowledge, advice and tips so you can sparkle and shine from within. 


Co-Hosting with Dorri is Dr. Lorraine Wilson, a Clinical Therapist, specializing in Stress Management and Relaxation Therapies. Lorraine will share insights into the importance of the "Body, Mind, and Spirit" connection, combining therapeutic and intuitive perspectives.

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Behind The Scene At The Spa