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Marma Energy Treatment Facial

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We are living in a unique age where beauty & health are connecting in a meaningful way. Superficial or “only skin deep” treatments are now being replaced with the understanding that the term “healthy state” means physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually connected for a truly holistic approach. 


“Cellular Health “ is becoming one of the most powerful tools when trying to achieve combined beauty and wellness. We all have heard the phrase “anti-aging” over & over, slowing down the aging process to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, dull skin, age spots and all the other topical signs. However the outward signs of aging or “symptoms” of aging are the result of  the underlying changes to our skin. The aging process is actually happening at a cellular level due to negative stimuli or alterations to our “optimal cellular state”. When our cellular health is compromised this is the TRUE source of aging skin.

Cellular Health is the beauty regimen that will have a greater impact to the anti-aging effect and long lasting beauty. Understanding how aging works at the cellular level goes beyond genetics. By improving Cellular Health we make the RIGHT kind of changes so that the skin looks and acts younger from the inside out.


Our Marma Energy Treatment  Facial, can balance organ and cell frequencies to overcome destructive effects of the environment, especially “electro-smog”.  Subtle energies, such as the extremely low frequency magnetic waves have a profound beneficial effect on human physiology.  If the frequency is right the body loves and responds to it with increased energy and health. Ion Cyclotron Resonance therapy uses that exact type of energy! Active regular “charging up” of our cells is not only feasible, but also necessary to slow down aging and the risk of cell dysfunction.  We are after all, only as healthy as our cells! 


Ion Cyclotron Resonance therapy is the act of re-infusing the body with the life energy through a device that is capable of mimicking naturally occurring electromagnetic pulsations, the same as the earth’s electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies balance the body’s entire system of cellular communication, make the cells work in harmony and produce a healing response in the tissues. Through a variety of physiological mechanisms, circulation is improved, the cellular regenerative response is enhanced, healthy cell function is restored and overall health is improved. 


The Marma Energy Treatment Facial combines Ayurvedic Tradition using the Marma Points. The Marma points are an important part of the Ancient Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda. The treatment will help tone the muscles, reduces stress, eliminates waste by improving lymphatic drainage from tissues, and improves energy levels.


Ayurvedic Massage is considered to restore balance in the body, as it nourishes the body, opens the mind and enhances general well-being. Ayurvedic Massage focuses on ‘Marma Points’ which are the body’s vital energy points, located over lymph nodes, joints and the 7 chakras which are associated with the major endocrine glands. Pain free & relaxing this treatment will leave you looking fresh and feeling fabulous.


*The technology of Ion Cyclotron Resonance has the capacity to heal wounds at an 

increased and elevated rate, which means the healing time of any invasive 

cosmetic procedures will be minimized.

2 Hour Treatment Includes Infrared Phototherapy Session


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