Ear Candling

Ear Candling in the past was used for healing and spiritual purification. 

Today it is used to address mild illnesses that involve the respiratory system, the sinuses and the ears. Ear candling is a natural, pain free way to remove wax, pressure and congestion from the ears. Painless and relaxing, this procedure aids in detoxifying the sinuses and lymph glands. Ear Candling also assists in reducing the frequency of headaches, allergies, sinus and ear infections. For general maintenance, ear candling is a beneficial treatment to be performed 2-3 times per year. For chronic problems, this services can be done more frequently but never more than once a week.​ Please prepare for your appointment the night before by applying a few drops of oil, does not have to be ear oil but that would be best, in each ear and cover with cotton baton. The oil will help loosen the ear wax. Following your appointment leave the cotton in the ear for a couple of hours and refrain from swimming or showering for 24 hours.

Top grade ear candles are used for maximum benefit.


30 - 45 Minute Treatment   $50


Please Note: Ear Candling Cannot Be Done If An Ear Infection Is Present.