Diane Michaud


Certified Bowen Health Therapist, Chair Massage Practitioner, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage with over 20 years of experience in relaxation and selfcare therapy.  Diane is an expert at helping you relax, de-stress and help you unlock the many ways you can balance your body back to health, naturally.

Bowen therapy is an effective protocol to reboot your body to health naturally by tapping into your body’s intelligence through the nervous systems. Having a healthy parasympathetic state is the ultimate way to be. 

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Lorraine Wilson


Lorraine began as a clinical therapist working in Addiction Services and later opening a private practice. Lorraine has five degrees including Masters in Social Work, Theological Studies, Doctorate in Public Policy and Administration.

Services in Light & Love

Dr. Tarot's Mini Reading 

A 15 minute 3 card virtual or email reading useful for those times you need clarity for a specific question. A keepsake summary of the reading is provided. 


Dr. Tarot's Partnership Reading

A 30 minute 7+ card virtual or in-person reading useful for those times when you need both general guidance and specific clarity. An opportunity to ask the Tarot additional questions is included. A keepsake summary of the reading is provided. 


Dr. Tarot's Partnership Reading with Crystals

A 45 minute in-person reading that includes Dr. Tarot's Partnership reading. A Chakra crystal selection process helps focus the Tarot's message during the reading. Crystal cards are also used to identify a crystal for your ongoing well-being. This crystal and a reading summary are provided as keepsakes. 



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