60 Minute Anti-Stress Massage 

24K Gold Eye Treatment

Cherry Blossom Pedicures for both

The stresses of the day are long forgotten in this deluxe massage treatment for two, your feet soaked, massaged with hot stones & healing botanicals and hands are gently soothed.

2.5 Hour Treatment


30 Minute Body Massage  

Full Body Aromatherapy Exfoliation

Body Wraps:

Organic Cocoa Cocoon Body Wrap 

Organic Slimming Seaweed

Mini Facial 

The scent of chocolate stimulates our “happy feeling” endorphins. 

Indulge yourself in your favourite comfort food & not gain an ounce. Lose inches and detoxify with pure cocoa or aromatherapy oils and organic seaweed, natural antioxidants that hydrates & moisturizes the skin. 

Please review notes on bottom of page

2.5 Hour Treatment


Sweetheart Escape

Party of Two

Organic Cocoa Cocoon 


Aromatherapy Seaweed Body Wrap

Head To Toe Rebalance

Cherry Blossom Facial

60 Minute Hot Stone/Anti Stress Combo Massage

Healing Spa Pedicure

3.5 Hour Treatment


Youthful Renew

3.75 Hour Treatment


60 Minute Anti Stress Massage

24 Karot Gold Facial

Healing Spa Pedicure

Connect Body Mind And Soul

Marma Energy Facial With Plasma Infrared Phototherapy

The term "healthy state" means physically, emotionally and spiritually connected.

Beauty from the inside out

Balanced organs and cell frequencies produce a healing response in the tissues. Cellular health is the beauty regime that will have a greater impact on a anti-aging for long-lasting beauty 

2 Hour Treatment


Unite Body, Mind And Soul

Chakra Grounding

Seqex Energy Healing

Plasma Light Infrared Therapy

UV Vitamin D Phototherapy

$99 60 Minute Treatment 


10 - 60 Minute Treatments


Detox Body, Mind & Soul

4 Hour Treatment


Restoring Eye Treatment

EyeBrow Shape and Wax 

EyeBrow Tint

EyeLash Tint

EyeLash Lift

2 Hour Treatment


Infrared Sauna Session

With Himalayan Salt Panels

Grounding & Chakra Balancing Treatment

Fully Body Himalayan Salt Scrub

Slimming Contour Gel Application

Coconut Sugar Exfoliating Facial

Indian Head Massage

Our sauna is equipped with Himalayan salt panels for extreme detoxification


Seaweed treatments cannot be done if you have a shellfish or iodine allergy.

Please bring with you an extra set of underwear for the wrap or scrub treatments.

Please bring along a white cotton t-shirt to wear after a back cleanse.