Body Beautiful Rituals & Experiences

Sweetheart Escape

Party of Two

Side By Side 60 Minute Anti-Stress Massage 

24K Gold Eye Treatment

Signature Series Pedicures for both

2.5 Hour Treatment    $310  Per Couple

This signature service is designed to entice your senses and leave you blissfully relaxed.

The stresses of the day are long forgotten in this deluxe massage treatment for two, your feet soaked, massaged with hot stones & healing botanicals and hands are gently soothed.

Rich Indulgence
60 Minute Anti Stress Massage 

24K Gold Facial

Healing Spa Pedicure

With A Healthy Lunch

3.75 Hour Treatment  $300

Head To Toe Rebalance

Deep Cleansing Facial

60 Minute Anti Stress Massage

Healing Spa Manicure & Healing Spa Pedicure

With Healthy Lunch

4 Hour Treatment    $295 Per Person

Youthful Renew

60 Minute Anti Stress Massage

Anti Aging Facial With Eye Treatment

Healing Spa Pedicure

With A Healthy Lunch

3 Hour Treatment    $260

Holiday By The Sea

Full Body Aromatherapy Exfoliation

Seaweed Wrap And Mini Facial   

Signature Series Pedicure With A Healthy Lunch

2.75 Hour Treatment   $225

*Please See Note At The Bottom of This Page*

Spa-ahhh Therapy

Deep Cleansing Facial 

Healing Spa Manicure And Healing Spa Pedicure

With A Healthy Lunch

3 Hour Treatment   $215

Organic Cocoa Cocoon

30 Minute Body Massage  

Full Body Aromatherapy Exfoliation
Decadent Cocoa Body Wrap  

Mini Facial  & Cup of Detox Tea

The scent of chocolate stimulates our “happy feeling” endorphins. 

Indulge yourself in your favourite comfort food & not gain an ounce, lose inches and detoxify with pure cocoa, a natural antioxidant that hydrates & moisturizes the skin. 

2.25 Hour Treatment   $195

Cocoa Or Seaweed Aromatherapy Full Body Wrap

A full body exfoliation to remove dead dry skin cells and stimulate circulation. Warm organic cocoa or seaweed mixed with aromatherapy oils is applied. This refining and firming treatment provides intensive detoxifying effects, aiding in blood circulation to free the body from toxins while replenishing the skin with vitamins and minerals.

A mini facial treatment for all skin types is included while in the full body wrap.

1.5 Hour Treatment    $145

*Please See Note At The Bottom of This Page*

Back Facial 

For Men & Women

Exfoliate and cleanse that hard to reach area. 

Cleanse, scrub, steam, extractions, mask and a soothing massage included. 

60 Minute Treatment    $95

Salt Glow

Ultimate hydrating and exfoliating treatment, from head to toe.

Polish away the skin’s dull, dry outer layer, followed by a luxurious body butter to leave your skin satiny smooth. A must before and after tanning season.

60 Minute Treatment    $90


Seaweed treatments cannot be done if you have a shellfish or iodine allergy.

Please bring with you an extra set of undwear for the wrap or scrub treatments.

Men & Women please bring along a white cotton t-shirt to wear after a back cleanse. 

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