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Our Newest Therapy
Low Level Laser Light Technology

Downtown Spa Instagram Posts-5.jpg
Downtown Spa Instagram Posts-5.jpg


Introducing the world's most powerful

Skin Rejuvenation System


Skin Science that works!  

Health Canada and FDA licensed!


Plasma-arc technology - high energy infrared wavelengths that can travel an inch below the skin's surface.

Delivered through a clear fused Quartz Crystal Plasma bulb which stimulates the mitochondria, naturally and safe.

Mitochondria is the battery charger of our cells. 

You only have 73 Trillion of them! Imagine charging them all up.


 Increased Collagen Production

Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Lightens Age Spots

Reverse Sun Damage


Reduce Fat Cell Size

Smoothes Hips, Thighs, and Buttocks

Reduce Scar Tissue


Increase Metabolism

Intensifies Lymphatic Drainage

Promotes Optimum Cell Function

Anti Aging on all levels


Feel your face and neck tighten, watch your thighs become thinner, reduce jelly belly, while you relax under the light. 


This Plasma Light is Regenerative Medicine.

Near Infrared Light Therapy has been under the focus of various medical disciplines since 1965. There are over 3600 published papers by various universities to prove the efficacy and the low-risk factors of NIR photobiomodulation.

600nm to 1200nm range is the NIR that can penetrate through the cells, absorbed to bio stimulate without damaging the tissue. Collagentex devices are all designed to emit photons within the optical/biologic window of opportunity to maximize the effect of the photobiomodulation.

Collagentex devices are licensed by Health Canada as a Class II Medical Device

Downtown Spa Instagram Posts-5.jpg
Downtown Spa Instagram Posts-5.jpg


Back and Neck Pain
Micro Ruptured Ligaments
Carpal Tunnel Pain

Achilles Heel 

Golfers Elbow

Rheumatoid Pain

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Pressure Sores

Non-healing Wounds

Peripheral Neuropathy

Post-operative Healing

Degenerative Joint Disease

Reduce Lacic Acid

Muscle Recovery

Testosterone Boost

& More!

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