Body Rituals

Decadent Chocolate Wrap

Full Body Exfoliation, Full Body Cocoa Wrap & Chocolate Kiss Mini Facial

The scent of chocolate stimulates our “happy feeling” endorphins.

Indulge yourself in your favorite comfort food & not gain an ounce, lose inches and detoxify with pure cocoa, a natural detoxification that moisturizes & softens the skin. 

1.5 Hour Treatment  $125

Seaweed/Aromatherapy Full Body Wrap
With Seaweed Quick Fix Facial

Starting with a Full Body Exfoliation, followed by a Seaweed mixture applied directly onto the skin. This refining and firming treatment provides intensive detoxifying effects on the body. Aiding blood circulation & freeing the body from toxins, it replenishes the skin with vitamins and minerals.  A mini facial treatment for all skin types is included  while in the full body wrap.

90 Minute Treatment    $125


Seaweed treatments cannot be done if you have a shellfish or iodine allergy.

Please bring with you an extra set of undwear for the wrap or scrub treatments.

Men & Women please bring along a white cotton t-shirt to wear after a back cleanse. 

Salt Glow

Ultimate hydrating and exfoliating treatment, from head to toe. Polish away the skin’s dull, dry outer layer, followed by a luxurious body butter to leave your skin satiny smooth. A must before and after tanning season.

60 Minute Treatment    $80

Back Cleanse

For Both Men & Women

Exfoliate and cleanse that hard to reach area.

Cleanse, scrub, steam, extractions, mask and a soothing massage included. 

60 Minute Treatment    $95

The “Body Ritual” 

Himalayan Salt Scrub with essential oils refines skin, eliminates dead cells & rough areas, leaving skin soft and smooth. Followed by Exotic Wacapou Wooden Stone Massage or Relaxation Massage, encouraging slimness and health. Wacapou Stones come from the heart of Guiana, this enveloping treatment is rich in variations of lymph drainage, chakra and meridian techniques. Finally the "Body Mask" to diminish the orange-peel aspects and help drain & eliminate toxins. Benefits include a slimmer silhouette, thinner waist, slender thighs, firmer hips and glutes and toned arms. 

The Body Mask includes waist, hips, thighs and upper arm. Add Full Body Wrap for   $30.00 Includes a 20 minute "Anti-Aging Facial Massage Treatment" while in wrap.

2.25 Hour Treatment    $200