HydroDerm Pro Facial Experience

HydroDerm Pro Facial Experience 


  • Deep Cleanse 

  • Skin Resurfacing 

  • Pore Extraction 

  • Stimulate Collagen/ Anti- Aging 

  • Sculpting 

  • Hydrate Product Absorption 

  • Treatments are personalized according to your skin type. 

Products Used

  1. AHA Peeling Solution                             It moistens dead skin cells for deep cleansing, it is exfoliating and brightens the skin for a beautiful glow. It is a combination of Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid and Mandelic Acid. 

  2. Collagen Cleansing Milk   Preparatory  gentle cleanse to begin the facial. 

  3. Soft Collagen Toner              Hydrating toner, calms and refreshes the skin. 

  4. Advanced Bio C Serum        Brightens the skin, promotes cellular turnover.  Decreases inflammation,  rosacea, pigmentation and anti-aging. Includes Niacinamide which helps improve elasticity, reduce redness and water loss through the skin. 

  5. Pure Hyaluronic Acid              Reduces visibility of fine lines while retaining moisture to the skin and plumps the skin. 

  6. Soft Calming Mask                    Calms the skin and reduces sensitivity and redness after the treatment. Hydrating for the skin. 

Introductory price 

90 Minute Treatment



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Deep Cleansing and Exfoliating 

Diamond Water Microdermabrasion and Jet Peel

Amazing blackhead/whitehead removal system


Electrolized water and spray infusion system with collagen bring moisture while replenishing oxygen into the skin


Radio Frequency Technology stimulates collagen and elastin production, to tighten, tone and sculpt face


Deep penetration of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and 

Botanical Mask using Ultrasonic Technology 

infuses skin with Vitamins and Nutrients


Leaves skin clean, exfoliated, replenished, nourished 

 Bright and Radiant!