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Since 1990, the Downtown Spa And Relaxation Centres' reputation has proven that I am in business for all the right reasons. “YOU”!


My essential pillars in both my personal and business life are INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY & COMMITMENT. 


With my passion for health and overall well-being, I am always pursuing the holistic approach to meaningful therapies and treatments. I truly believe looking towards Ancient Healing Practices, Integrative Medicine and Mother Nature we will find everything we need to support health and healing from the inside out.


My ultimate goal is for clients to find balance unifying body, mind and soul.


Pampered in an assuring professional ambiance with natural genuine brands by qualified therapists utilizing cutting edge healing modalities, to ensure your personal spa experience is both restorative and rejuvenating. 


We pride ourselves on adhering to the strictest Spa Guidelines of service and cleanliness. 


You are a valued client, I would like to thank you for your business.

Dorri xo

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